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#11105 G-Scale Self Contained Remote Coupler Starter Kit
Patent Numbers 7,810,660 & 8,950,606

This Kit is designed for use with Locomotives, Freight & Passenger cars.

Self Contained Remote Coupler Starter Kit is the easiest way to get started with Kadee-RC Remote uncoupling system.
The Kit includes the necessary components to convert one end of a car. The #11220 Coupler is designed for locomotives & rolling stock where appropriate coupler mounting space allows. The #11220 is an factory assembled self contained coupler & gearbox with built in ultra nano servo, that fits anywhere a #830 coupler will mount and can be custom body mounted to most locomotives. This all in one gearbox and servo design saves valuable space. Eliminating the need to mount a standard size servo inside the car, giving a easy remote coupler mounting option. The #11110 Receiver Kit that is included, can be mounted inside or underneath the locomotive, boxcar or passenger car where space allows.

The car will be setup to remotely operate a single remote coupler, a second #11220 Coupler (sold separately) can be operated simultaneously with the use of a servo Y splitter cable (sold separately).
Your Kadee-RC Remote Couplers will operate and function with standard Kadee® G-Scale Couplers. The Remote Couplers will operate with the Kadee-RC #11215 Hand-Held Transmitter that is included or operate over Kadee® Magnetic uncouplers.

Note: #11110 Receiver Kit is equipped with a On-board 250mA Relay for lighting or other remote switching needs.



1 - #11215 Hand-Held Transmitter (1 - Hand-held Transmitter)

1 - #11110 Receiver Kit (1 - Receiver Module, 1 - 4 cell AA Battery Holder, 1 - Wire Harness, 1 - Fuse & Fuse Holder)

1 - #11220 Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox (G-Scale) (1 - Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox (G-Scale) - Assembled)

Coupler Conversion Info

You must first identify the locomotive or rolling stocks manufacturer and type before looking the product up on the Kadee-RC Coupler Conversion List. Use the Kadee-RC Coupler Conversion List to lookup our suggested Kadee-RC coupler for the particular model. (Our conversions typically requiring the least modification to a model).


Always check the G-Scale coupler heights with our #980 Coupler Height Gauge.

Batteries Not Included

Powering the Receiver from any other power source will void the warranty.

#11105 Self Contained Remote Coupler Starter Kit (G-Scale) (Single) 1 Kit

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- Quick Start

- Transmitter User Guide

- Body Mount Self Contained Coupler Kit Installation Instructions

* Limited uncoupling on curves.
Some cars may require additional modification that the Basic Starter Kit is not equipped to convert.
Use our #880 or 980 G-Scale Height Gauge to check for the correct coupler height and trip pin clearance.
Kadee® RC Transmitter & Receivers are FCC & IC Compliant.
Kadee® is restricted to selling & exporting products containing Kadee® RC Transmitter & Receivers in the USA and Canada.
Kadee® RC Transmitter & Receivers are not for use outside of USA and Canada. (Per Governmental FCC Regulations)


#11215 Hand-Held Transmitter


#11110 Receiver Kit


#11220 Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox (G-Scale)


Remote Uncoupling
Stop car(s) on desired track, allowing slack to occur between the couplers. Press the on the transmitter and open the remote coupler**.
The remote coupler draws itself apart, uncoupling them.
Withdraw to disengage couplers, leaving uncoupled car(s) on desired track. Press the on the transmitter and closing the remote coupler**.
* Limited uncoupling on curves.
** The receiver that controls coupler must be addressed, before it can receive commands from transmitter.